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CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Consultants: Wayne P. Baker, Barbara Williams
Your curriculum is the backbone that runs through everything that you do in your school. It actually encompasses the school’s entire program of learning, including academic classes, special programs, and activities. Creating a plan that encompasses each of these elements is a daunting challenge. Our Curriculum Development Module is designed to help you make that plan. There are three phases in this module: Phase 1: Evaluate your current curriculum The consultant will review your written curriculum to assess its completeness, rigor and support for your mission. Phase 2: Conduct an on site visit which will include: Meetings with the various stakeholders to receive their input on strengths and weaknesses in your curriculum. Training in a process for improving your curriculum, including a calendar of improvement activities. A set of recommendations for your curriculum development. Phase 3: Monthly follow-up consultations to further advise, answer questions, and give further direction as needed. There is nothing more important to your school’s ultimate success than a strong vibrant curriculum. Let us help you make it better!
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