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PRE-ACCREDITATION PLANNING Consultant: Barbara Williams
One of the most important activities that your school can engage in for continuous improvement is the accreditation process.  It is extremely important that you always strive to provide a quality education for each of your students.  The steps outlined below will help you prepare for accreditation and aid you as you examine your policies and practices and help you move toward an improved climate and academic rigor.  The main activities included in this module are school-wide assessment, professional development activities, and follow-up consultations until your school is ready to formally seek accreditation with your regional accrediting body.  The three phases: Phase 1 One to two day school wide assessment for accreditation readiness: Meet with administration Meet with board Meet with key staff members Report submitted to school after initial meetings Phase 2 Professional development topics if school pursues accreditation: Governance and leadership Developing community relationships Curriculum development Student services and student achievement Spiritual life of school including assessment and development of a biblical world-view in all aspects of school life Developing continuous school improvement plan (May or may not include all, depending on the assessment) Phase 3: The consultant will be available to counsel the school until they are accepted by the regional accrediting bodies and are prepared for an accreditation team visit. This will include regular, scheduled meetings as well as on demand consulting.
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