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It’s often been said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. In fact good planning often is the difference between healthy sustainable ministries and chaotic anemic ones. Being proactive can help prevent many problems and guide an institution to effectiveness. Our strategic planning module includes several parts. First, there is the feasibility assessment. At the beginning of our work together we provide a free consultation with your school leadership team. During that meeting we not only answer any questions about our services, but we also make a preliminary determination about your readiness to enter into a strategic planning program. If it appears that you are not ready, we provide recommendations for actions you should take in order to be fully prepared to enter the process. Second, there is a site visit. This can be in one day or parts of two, such as a Friday evening and Saturday morning. During this visit we will orientate the board and administration to our approach and to the steps we will be following, we will assess the uniqueness of your ministry, and will lay out the schedule for future meetings. Third, there will be several meetings or phone consultations that will continue the process of forming a consensus on the various issues that affect future plans. Finally, we will provide a strategic plan document representing the work discussions we have had and decisions made. It will include a statement of purpose, mission and vision, a calendar for the period of the plan with details of actions to be taken during each time period, and benchmarks and deadlines to be met. Planning is important to insure that your school ministry is moving in a positive clear direction; however, the process of planning itself is very valuable, for in that process you will come to know yourselves (and your ministry) in a deeper way.
STRATEGIC PLANNING Consultant: Wayne P. Baker