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STUDENT RECRUITMENT Consultant: Wayne P. Baker
Reaching more children is the goal of every Christian school. But how do we do that?  How can we find the kind of families that will benefit most from the unique Christian education we provide? That’s what this module is all about. Our marketing program starts with a simple premise: healthy growth can only come by finding families that share your core values, and then formulating your marketing plans to appeal to those families. Every part of the program is designed to help you with this. There are three parts in this module. The first part is the school visit. During that visit we will do intensive training to give you the tools and know-how to design an outreach program that works for you. This site visit normally occurs over three days. There will be meetings with various groups to address topics relevant to each group’s marketing activity. Topics will include how to generate new leads (find your prospective families), what works in advertising, how to spend your money to get “the biggest bang for your buck”, how to assure that the students you recruit are the ones you want, and many more. The second part of this module is the marketing plan.  Before we leave you will have in your hands a monthly plan of activities. Each month will list specific things you are going to do. This plan will be the blueprint for your marketing program. The third part is the follow-up program. Through our years of experience we have learned the hard way that providing training and some suggestions without checking in and following up with you truly limits your success. This step is essential - a monthly phone call or visit to see how you are doing, answer your questions and encourage you in the process. Accountability is a powerful key to success. Our track record shows that it is possible in today’s environment to grow your school enrollment. Many of our schools have experienced significant growth using our program. Let us help you grow, too!