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Going through some changes right now? Undergoing stress? Wondering how to make necessary changes without “tipping over the boat”?  We can help. Our consultants have a total of more than 70 years of experience in both church sponsored and independent Christian schools. We have assisted schools as they separated from their founding church to become independent (something of a trend, by the way) and we have helped schools merge. We have helped schools get a better handle on a difficult financial situation. And we have helped school boards reorganize themselves for a more effective leadership role. All of these are what we call “Custom Programs”, because each is unique and has its own set of circumstances. Because of our experience, if you name a problem, we have probably seen it or even experienced it. However, circumstances and people are different and so each situation calls for a custom program. This is how it works: when you contact us, we will set up a free one hour consultation. During that meeting we will discuss the main elements of your situation with you. After the meeting we will recommend a Custom Program. Generally, this calls for a site visit. During the visit we will meet with all essential parties. At the end of the visit, we will present a set of recommendations. Assuming you agree to all or most of the recommendations we will set up monthly consultations to follow up on your progress, answer further questions, and give advice and encouragement as needed. Our experience tells us that most schools in crisis wait too long to seek help.  There have been many times when, had the school come to us a year earlier, many of their problems could have been solved before the heart-rending necessity of closing the school became a reality. Call us!
TRANSITIONS Consultant: Wayne P. Baker